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‘Getting down and ‘going out’: young individuals conceptions of (hetero)sexual relationships View all records

‘Getting down and ‘going out’: young individuals conceptions of (hetero)sexual relationships View all records

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Research which has explored young individuals (hetero behaviour that is)sexual frequently thought that the thought of ‘relationships is clear. Afterwards, the diversity which exists through this concept happens to be ignored. This paper endeavours to unpack the idea of ‘relationships with regards to young individuals very own understandings and definitions associated with the term. Drawing on findings from focus team research with 17–19 year‐olds in New Zealand, it analyses exactly how relationships are differentiated and constituted. A number of the determining faculties are: enough time lovers invest together, a feeling of exclusivity and intimacy, psychological accessory additionally the sorts and regularity of intimate activity involved with. Based on different designs of those elements, young individuals relationships may be loosely classified as ‘one‐night stands’, ‘short‐term relationships’, ‘casual dating and ‘going out’. The variety, complexity and fluidity during these conceptualizations provide a challenge to old-fashioned understandings of the relationships, and also implications for just just exactly how health that is sexual could be completed.


1 UNAIDS has stated that numerous teenagers ‘are at risk of HIV as a result of high-risk intimate behavior or drug abuse, since they lack use of HIV information and avoidance solutions, and for a bunch of social and financial reasons ( 2002 UNAIDS 2002 Report regarding the worldwide HIV/AIDS Epidemic (Geneva: Joint United Nations Prongramme on HIV/AIDS) Google Scholar : 70).