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8 samples of Positive Feedback to improve worker Efficiency pt.2

8 samples of Positive Feedback to improve worker Efficiency pt.2

Example 1: worker is working overtime

To satisfy your client’s needs, Sam did overtime. She performs this with a confident mindset and|attitude that is positive} understands it’s going to gain her group. Give her feedback that presents exactly simply how much you appreciate her efforts that are extra.

Good feedback it is possible to provide: “Thank you for investing in the additional work during this busy time at your workplace. I am aware that remaining late isn’t simple, but the group really appreciates it. You will be a valuable person in our group, along with your good attitude has assisted all of us continue steadily to feel determined!”

Example 2: worker is causing conferences

During conferences, Tom has provided numerous ideas that are new insights which are great for the group. acknowledge exactly how it is benefiting your group.

Good feedback it is possible to offer: “Thank you to be ready for the meetings, Tom! By arriving at each meeting with well-researched and thought-out tips, you’re assisting us move ahead inside our procedure. We look ahead to our next meeting.”

Example 3: worker is publishing work that is high-quality

Ava finished each of her focus on some time paid attention to the facts. Inform you she’s conference your business’s objectives.

Good feedback you are able to give: “Ava, work appears great! It’s clear which you value your projects and take care to do so precisely.