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4 How to Overcome Self-Blame After Sexual Assault pt.2

4 How to Overcome Self-Blame After Sexual Assault pt.2

3. Encircle Your Self with individuals Whom Help Your Repairing

Fighting internalized victim-blaming is tricky enough – you don’t need external victim-blaming, too.

Of course, we realize it’s nearly impossible to avoid all victim-blaming messages that we live in a society that has a rape culture , and.

However in specific situations, we now have some known degree of control of the communications that enter our life.

It is helpful to encircle your self with individuals whom do not perpetuate society’s harmful messages about rape – individuals who make an effort to realize rape tradition and certainly will treat you with compassion and understanding.

By surrounding ourselves with one of these forms of individuals, an environment can be created by us conducive to repairing from internalized victim-blaming.

We lived in a single city for my life time, and once I relocated at the start of this season, I’d the chance to make new buddies.