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4 strategies for Building a Productive Relationship with Marketing

4 strategies for Building a Productive Relationship with Marketing

One IT frontrunner with a history in advertising provides advice for bridging the 2 globes.

When Greg Meyers had been hired as vice president from it at Biogen Idec, he previously to create a relationship with marketing from scratch. Luckily for us, he had been uniquely qualified.

“I invested 1 / 2 of my expert life in product sales and advertising together with partner inside it,” claims Meyers, whom formerly ran a marketing that is hybrid technology team at Johnson & Johnson. He had been in advertising at Qwest and, of late, a CIO at Novartis.

Meyers was not amazed that advertising also it had not gelled at Biogen. Knoxville eros escort Which has been the instance every where he is worked. “there is a large number of integrated rifts between your two teams,” he claims.

The actions to produce an effective relationship with the advertising team are not radically distinct from those you would just take with another division.

“just what’s various is the marketing that is underlying,” claims Meyers. “It doesn’t alter everything you do, nonetheless it changes the manner in which you need to be.” Many friction that is IT-marketing owing to variations in design, maybe not substance, he claims.