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Without a doubt regarding how To: Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Without a doubt regarding how To: Winterize Your Sprinkler System

STEP ONE: turn fully off the primary water supply of course current, the backflow preventer.

First, turn fully off the water that is main, frequently discovered near your water meter.

If for example the sprinkler has drain that is manual, additionally shut down the valves in the backflow preventer. A backflow device, typically positioned close to the water primary from which the sprinkler water is drawn, stops pressurized, possibly contaminated water from combining utilizing the water supply that is potable. If you are perhaps not utilizing potable water for irrigation, the body may well not incorporate a backflow device, however if it will, transform it down via two valve shut-off handles regarding the split pipes feeding in to the unit. Simply turn these rectangular handles clockwise one-quarter to one-half change; usage pliers in the event that valves are way too tight to make by hand.

STEP TWO: strain any water staying within the irrigation system.

Your next move is determined by the kind of drain valve you have got.

  • This spring-loaded drain valve will open every time the system shuts off because there is little to no water pressure running through the lines to press and close the valves if your sprinkler system uses an automatic drain valve. But this draining will not launch water caught within the valves by themselves, the like each valve of this sprinkler system, find the solenoid—which typically seems like a PVC limit with cables taken from it—and loosen it by hand so atmosphere can move in the system. When this is accomplished, water should strain out of each area for the system’s mainline.
  • Should your sprinkler system utilizes handbook drain valves, find the valve during the point that is lowest on the system’s mainline.