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Cultural groups and tribes belong to facets of social stratification.

Cultural groups and tribes belong to facets of social stratification.

Distinction Between Ethnic Group and Tribe

Key Difference – Ethnic Group vs Tribe

Ethnicity covers a wider selection of community while tribe are comparatively a set that is small of whom follow their historically used customs and traditions, residing under one accepted frontrunner. Various cultural groups may also be referred to as the historic evolution of tribal teams. The difference that is key ethnic group and tribe is the fact that people belonging to one ethnic group share similar spiritual, linguistic and social identity nevertheless they can inhabit various places, whereas tribes consist of a couple of related families having comparable preferences, ideology, religious and dialectic identification, most regularly residing together in one single destination.


  1. Overview and Key Difference
  2. What’s an Ethnic Group
  3. Exactly what is a Tribe
  4. Hand and hand Comparison – Ethnic group vs Tribe
  5. Summary

What exactly is a group that is ethnic?

Ethnic team is really a social group or category of individuals owned by one typical nationwide or identity that is cultural. Hence they have a very common ancestry or perhaps a historic back ground. As stated by Anthropologist and consultant by Dr. Whitney Azoy, ethnic team is “the largest old-fashioned cultural unit” to which a person belongs to.

As further explained in Oxford dictionary, an cultural team is “a community or population comprised of those who share a typical cultural history or descent.” With birth, the ethnicity of a individual is set. In one single location that is geographical there may be several ethnicities residing together.