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So, I entered 30 in the Edit Value window for both keys. That’s why I recommend they should be given the option to delay – to prevent the scenario above. Selecting “Require user’s approval to restart outside of work hours” puts the user in control of when they update their device. To deploy updates for Intune-only managed devices, you have to use Windows Update for Business rings. This is a good thing – using update rings sets you up for proactively monitoring and managing Windows throughout the organization. They require that you create pilot users before you deploy broadly, ensuring that the update will succeed.

  • Several feature releases haven’t been as uneventful as they could have been, so 1909 is making a drastic change in how it rolls out.
  • This should increase compatibility and performance.
  • A new version of Windows Subsystem for Linux is released in 2004.
  • Unlike the prior version that used an emulator, WSL 2 uses its own kernel.

This led to computers that were far behind in updates and other deployed software that would not install due to a pending reboot flag. The first thing you do when configuring updates in Intune is to create Update Rings. The closest analog within ConfigMgr would be Win 10 Servicing Plans. Each ring contains a complete set of dll file policies for configuring updates on a group of devices.

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These policies will dictate a reoccurring schedule of update installation. Unlike ConfigMgr deployments your rings represent a perpetual roll out strategy. A typical setup would include one or more pilot rings followed by your company-wide roll out ring. Automatic behavior frequency – Use this setting to schedule when updates are installed, including the week, the day, and the time. Choose how automatic updates are installed and, if necessary, when to restart the device.

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How to disable the Pause updates feature on Windows 10

Hence, if this got reset every time i reboot my system, pretty much every one of Microsoft’s updates would have had to get installed in the fully automatic manner, which they did not. A new feature is now available that lets you force automatic restarts to finish installing important updates, regardless of whether you are at the PC. You can change to this new restart behavior through the following new registry key value that was introduced in the April 2013 Windows 8 cumulative update . Under “Options” section, use the drop-down menu to select the number of days to wait before your computer restart automatically to apply the update changes. While this was effective in getting the first round of updates installed, we found that many laptop users were not rebooting, but simply closing the lid of the laptop. We found many laptops that had not been rebooted in months.

If you select an Insider channel, Intune automatically configures the Windows update setting Update/ManagePreviewBuilds so that the insider build will work. For example, the Semi-Annual Channel has a six-month deferral. If you use this channel with no additional deferrals from this body of settings, the device installs the update six-months after its release. Active Hours Maximum Enter the maximum number of active hours that prevent the system from rebooting due to updates. Active Hours Start Time Enter the start time for active hours. Use this option to delay an update that causes issues that can normally install following your deferral settings.

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In Windows 10, you can only postpone a restart for the maximum of 7 days, and the manual process requires you to do every time a new update is available. But if you find rescheduling a deadline on every update, you can configure it in Group Policy or modify the Registry file to get a new default deadline.