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Dear Men on Tinder, I Won’t keep your Number during my Phone, and I also Stand By That

Dear Men on Tinder, I Won’t keep your Number during my Phone, and I also Stand By That

Trust: here is the just dating guideline you’ll desire to stick to.

When I woke up today, my phone display screen illuminated by having a message that is unread “Maybe: Joe”—my most recent Tinder match whom really really really really loves “spicy water” (…seltzer), lives about seven kilometers away, and has now a beard that reaffirms my affinity for males whom appear to be lumberjacks.

We transitioned our convo to texting night that is last the pretense that “Tinder destroys my battery pack, lol,” and then he joined up with my roster alongside several other contenders:

Some of those guys originated in Tinder, some from Hinge, one life in Kansas City, the others in new york, nevertheless the a very important factor each of them have in accordance: None of the figures are conserved within my phone.

Now FWIW, we don’t rely on old-fashioned relationship guidelines: The “three-day guideline” is real trash. Ladies will make the move that is first and intercourse from the very very very first date is completely your call. But i really do uphold my truth that no body must certanly be a saved contact in your phone until you’re sure they’ll become someone vital that you you.

Think you have saved in your phone already—your mom, your college bestie, your grandpa’s neighbor, just in case—deserve saved contacts about it: The people. They’ve a title in your phone because they’re crucial and bring meaning to your lifetime. The bro from Tinder whom drunk-texts you on Monday evenings or has “Saturdays are when it comes to boys” inside the IG bio just isn’t regarding the exact same degree as the lady who freaking birthed you. Not really near.

This trick is important to men that are keeping a distance. We don’t try this because We thrive on energy or would you like to acquire men’s souls (although that does seem type of kinky). I actually do it because i want a shield.