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3 Methods Women Take On The ‘Toxic Ex-Wife’ Part After Divorce & Just How It Affects Your Young Ones

3 Methods Women Take On The ‘Toxic Ex-Wife’ Part After Divorce & Just How It Affects Your Young Ones

As soon as we think about partners going through “an unsightly breakup,” individuals usually assume that when one part has been an psychological bully, it is the guy. We instantly imagine oahu is the bad, beleaguered ex-wife that is kept to struggle under their oppression and vicious attacks — emotionally, financially, or even actually.

Actually, we thought that, too, until certainly one of my male family relations experienced a breakup years back. Then it became painfully apparent that we now have a good amount of toxic ex-wife bullies available to you, too.

Will you be a toxic ex-wife? Nobody would like to admit so, needless to say. Most of us think we are when you look at the right by standard, but they are you currently?

Listed below are three tell-tale indications you’re participating in toxic behavior in your post-divorce relationship, maybe perhaps not him:

1. You manipulate by withholding youngster visitation.

To explain, this can be among the cruelest and a lot of vicious ex-wife bully techniques. Demonstrably, if the ex is a real risk to the security of the young ones, the court should get embroiled in determining just exactly what safe visitation involves.

Outside of that, choosing to perhaps not allow your ex see the kids as you’re angry at him — because he’s got a brand new gf, or offered the children processed foods, or stated something unkind to you personally — is perhaps not a explanation to help keep your kids from their daddy. Nor is you wanting increased son or daughter help more essential than their some time relationship with regards to dad.