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Let me make it clear about IB Extended Essay for medication?

Let me make it clear about IB Extended Essay for medication?

Hi, i am in 12, doing the IB and about to start my extended essay year. My HL subjects are biology, chemistry and latin and my SLs maths studies, english, philosophy.

Thus far i have chosen chemistry, and my present subject may be the recrystallisation of aspirin in various solvents: liquid, ethanol etc and just how this impacts the yield.

To tell the truth though, i dont obviously have any interest with it after all, and its particular making me begin to hate chemistry, because we think it is therefore boring. I will be additionally maybe maybe not thinking about the test bit, as well as the proven fact that 1 / 2 of my essay will be analysing the result of the test simply makes me feel like ugh. I will be just doing my EE in chemistry because apparently this is actually the many medical related topic therefore is great to share in interviews etc.

My real question is wouldn’t it make me appear to be a candidate that is weak medication if we switched to complete my EE in latin? I’ve lots more experiencing doing essays about latin literary works, and I also believe it is a complete lot more fun to publish about in level.