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Pregnancy and sex

When pregnancy occurs, many changes occur in the body of the expectant mother. And the question arises, what can and cannot be done with these changes. One of the most pressing questions is the question of intimate relations, the answer to which concerns not only the pregnant woman, but also the father of the child.

In fact, most expectant parents make love throughout their pregnancy without any fears or problems.

But still, there are contraindications, in which it is better to refrain from love joys. The presence of sexually transmitted diseases. In most cases, during sex, there is no prevention and it is clear for what reasons-the pregnancy has already occurred, from what to protect yourself. But this in turn increases the risk of infection, and the infection can cause miscarriage and fading of pregnancy. Also, you should not have sex with pregnancy pathologies. About the presence of pathologies, whether it is the threat of termination of pregnancy, presentation or placental abruption, you should inform the doctor and he should also advise you on this issue and of course prohibit sex in the presence of such complications of pregnancy. This usually occurs in the first three months of pregnancy, when the very attraction of the expectant mother is at a low level.

As for the psychological component. Most pregnant women worry about the fact that sex can harm the baby and, moreover, can lead to a miscarriage. There is some truth in this. A brief account of England is well written here. But the doctor will inform the pregnant woman about any threats or complications. Often there is a problem related to the psychological aspect, when the expectant mother believes that making love with her husband can interfere with the unborn child, he seems to distract her from the process by something that seems to be present in bed.

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There are cases that in the absence of complications during gestation and the absence of signs of venereal diseases in the father, future moms do not want to have sex, not because of lack of desire, but just in case. This tactic of behavior is not entirely correct. If nothing threatens the child and you, why deprive yourself and your other half of pleasure. After all, sex during pregnancy has its advantages. During lovemaking, the expectant mother receives a lot of positive emotions that will perfectly affect her baby.

Pregnancy is not an absolute indication for refusing sex. Of course, this is a special period, both for the future mom and for the future dad. This period has its pros and cons. But if there are absolutely no contraindications, then the intimate life can continue without serious restrictions.