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Do Flashlight Stun Guns Work ?

The flashlight shape and function are also a great way to conceal the fact that if you set the switch to stun, this little light will put almost anyone down in a matter of seconds. The small size and lightweight eliminate the need to carry heavy or bulky self-defense weapons. The Streetwise Sting Ring is a great option for walking your dog or for taking on your morning run. There is a safety switch on the side of the device that activates the stun feature.

Because we found ourselves constantly using ultralow modes, the ThruNite light is our preference—the lower that setting gets, the better. ThruNite’s warranty for the Archer 2A V3 is a little nicer than average. Around the LED is a reflector with an orange-peel texture, which provides both a focused hot spot and a not-as-bright spill beam surrounding it. In the woods, we could clearly make out tree branches over 300 feet away, and at the same time the area directly around us was lit for full visibility. As a reflector light, the beam pattern on the Archer 2A V3 was pretty comparable to that of the other, similar designs we tried. Not surprisingly, the brightness levels dictate battery drain.


Much like the tactical flashlight, a steel bat or baton is one of the top home defense weapons because of how easy they are to wield and their durability. If anyone gets within range of your swing, you can do some serious damage. A bat or baton gives you range and power when you swing correctly.

Mentally, you must accept the “us or them” concept of self-defense. Yes, the attacker will experience a few minutes of intense pain during stun gun deployment. He or she will also likely lose the ability to escalate the attack. In many real-life situations, the attacker has already gained some kind of advantage over the victim. A stun gun owner must be able to grab the device, aim for a vulnerable spot, and hold the unit in place until the attacker collapses or submits. Compact, inexpensive, and easy to use are great selling points for a stun gun, but when this device crackles like a livewire, the only thing worse than its bark, is its bite.

Vipertek 999,000,000 Stun Gun With Led Tactical Flashlight Review (vts

The pink stripes of this product make it look elegant and beautiful. Besides this, it comes with a rechargeable battery with durable battery life. It is cost-effective, which makes it the ideal choice for the majority of women, available in the market. Besides this, it also comes with an internal rechargeable battery and LED flashlights. With a convenient size and non-slip rubber coating, you will not encounter any issues for maintaining the firm grip.

  • There is a built-in charger that folds away when the unit is not charging and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • With 1.2 million violent crimes per year in the US, it’s smart to have a plan for self-defense.
  • You will find that it is easy to get your hands on when you need it the most.
  • In Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, stun gun owners are required to have a permit.
  • The amount of time the assailant is incapacitated will depend on how long they were stunned for.

The Taser Pulse is rechargeable and provides more than enough energy per charge for multiple use. The Taser Pulse also offers a total of fifty thirty-second firings per battery pack. No one will be able to remain standing after being hit with a dart from the Pulse. The Vipertek VTS 989 is considered by many to be the best stun gun on the market.

Do Stun Guns Work Through Clothing?

The grip of the gun features an ergonomic design, complete with a thick rubber casing that can improve your grip, even with sweaty hands. Use the integrated wall charger to power your stun gun up before you leave home. This way, you won’t have to worry about your weapon being low on power, when you need it the most. The manufacturer also has a reputation for their powerful pepper spray formula. This kit includes a stun gun with an anti grab design, pepper spray, wrist strap, holster, and an LED flashlight, for ultimate protection. The canister of pepper spray offers thirty-five bursts, which is five times more than competing brands, according to the manufacturer.

Instead, you can depress the trigger and shoot an attacker up to fifteen feet away. The prongs are connected to a couple of wires, which remain attached to the weapon, as the other end with the prongs stick into the attacker’s skin. With a regular stun gun, you need to get up close to press the prongs directly against the assailant’s skin. If you’re familiar with electroshock weapons, then odds are you’ve heard of a Taser device. Those new to shopping for hand self defense weapons may be confused about the differences between a Taser device and a stun gun.

Stun Gun Vs Taser

Such a powerful electrical shock can easily immobilize the attacker. There is a holster and a belt clip that don’t just allow a better grip on it, but also make it easy to carry. This heavy duty and powerful device has a capacity of 10 million volts. Talking about effective self defense weapons, at such a low cost of $10, this is a tactical stun gun and there’s nothing better than this when it comes to self defense. This looks like a small keychain, but it is absolutely magnificent when it comes to defense.

This powerful stun gun for women and man uses high frequency circuits for increased output to emit 1.600 C charge. Self defense kit makes the opponent feel unbearable pain in a short distance. Contact with the attacker for 1 to 2 seconds can cause muscle cramps and mental dizziness. To provide reliable protection when you need it most, you need to simultaneously move the slide switch to the top and press the red trigger button. Producing intolerable pain according to the National Institute of Justice, the S-1000SF Tactical Stun Gun by Sabre is a force to be reckoned with. The delivery is in 1.39 microCoulombs, which is a measurement of charge verses time, and is rated as an extremely pain inducing charge according to the National Institute of Justice.

This is certainly worthy of note and is a bit of a cause for concern. The first product on our list is the sleek and powerful mini stun gun from Colorfulstream. Confirm you are extremely comfortable with holding and using your device before relying on it to protect you. Also, keep in mind that some people may not be completely incapacitated by the taser, so you should always make removing yourself from the dangerous situation your top priority. Always keep the stun gun in a location that is easy to access in case you need to use it. Guard Dog Security also makes a flashlight stun gun combo that features dual-spark prongs on the front of the flashlight.

stun guns are compact, powerful and are available in a variety of designs and colors. ThruNite offers an Archer 1A V3 version that takes a single AA battery. It’s not as bright and doesn’t have the run time of the company’s two-AA Archer, but it does have the same versatile two-button interface.

Stun Gun Vs Taser: Whats The Difference?

It is known to function as a mini flashlight with one hundred lumen. It is regarded as a minimalist self-defense weapon that can be kept inside the purse. As much as we try to maintain distance and avoid close contact, there is always the danger that an unwanted individual may invade our space and threaten us with physical harm. One the best, time-tested ways to protect best flashlight taser ourselves and control a threatening situation without lethally injuring an intruder or attacker is a stun gun. BestSafetyApparel.Com offers a wide variety of stun guns and accessories tailored to meet your individual security needs. The dual-function, gray primary switch slides forward to turn the 80-lumen light on, and it automatically enables the stun gun.

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