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Let me make it clear more about U-Void Synthesizer

Let me make it clear more <a href=""></a> about U-Void Synthesizer

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Relentlessly smashing together items of punk, grindcore, rave, commercial, and much more, the Pittsburgh duo’s maximalist music echoes the cruel energy associated with the world that is modern.

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The Pittsburgh duo Machine Girl have put upsetting images of dogs at the heart of their symbology since their inception. A number of their record album covers are straightforwardly terrifying—their 2014 record record record album WLFGRL comes with a blown-out image of a snarling beast, fangs bared, poised for assault. Other people are far more surreal, like . BECAUSE IM YOUNGER ARROGANT AND HATE ANYTHING YOU ARE A SYMBOL OF, which trains a video-game firearm in the real face of a canine. For the cover of 2018’s The Ugly Art, vocalist and producer Matt Stephenson said he wished to make “a fucked up deeply Dream type of image however with dogs,” and thus he stitched together a lot of images of gnarled beasts in order to make a dizzying collage in the form of a much larger dog. U-Void Synthesizer, the duo’s newest record, continues this tradition, modifying a regal image of the pup into a demonoid monster putting on a spiked collar that reads “GOODBOY.”